Sneak-Peek of French Summer School Cultural Adventures 🕶️🌞

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Remember the international students who joined our Summer School to learn French? Well, their past month wasn't just about intensive language classes. They also got the chance to dive into Nancy's lively culture and history. Here's a glimpse into the enriching cultural experiences they've had so far.

Their first cultural stop was the famous Place Stanislas. 🏛️ Surrounded by the beauty of this UNESCO-listed site, the students were transported back in time to learn about the history and significance of its construction. The elegant fountains, intricate sculptures, and stunning architecture left them amazed by Nancy's artistic heritage. 🎨

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Pépinière Park, nestled in the city center, offered a serene escape. The students enjoyed the lush greenery, leisurely strolls and some moments of reflection. 🌳

A ride on the charming train through Nancy's old town was a delightful highlight. 🚂 As cobblestone streets unfolded, the students were enchanted by the medieval charm that fills every corner of the old city. 🏰

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For art and design enthusiasts, the Museum of Nancy Art Nouveau was an inspiring haven. The students were captivated by exquisite displays showcasing artistic evolution and the fusion of creativity and culture. 🖼️

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Interested in a journey that combines language learning with cultural exploration? Join
Mines Nancy French Summer School next year! Tailored courses, guided cultural tours,
and the opportunity to make friends worldwide await. Your adventure is calling! 🌍

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