Are you looking for an exciting experience of exchange studies or a research internship in France? Then Mines Nancy is the perfect place for you!

    Join us and discover the many opportunities waiting for you at Mines Nancy!

  • Welcome to Mines Nancy!

  • Mines Nancy at a Glance

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     5th best engineering school in France

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    25% international students

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    7 international

    research labs

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    80+ partner universities

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    Mining & Mineral Engineering


    Metallurgical Engineering

    Earth Sciences


    Automation & Control

  • What makes us unique?

    Mines Nancy is one of the leading engineering schools in France widely acknowledged internationally. We train innovative engineers with a strong background both in science and humanities which allow them to tackle the complex challenges of today's society.

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    • Interdisciplinary & International environment
    • Students and partners from all around the globe
    • Personalized study tracks
    • Diversity and inclusion
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    Frontline innovation

    • Opportunities for innovation
    • AI and robotics, Transport of tomorrow, 5G and Cyber, Strategic materials
    • Student collaboration with researchers, business and industrial partners
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    Cutting-edge research

    • Most advanced research tools and instruments 
    • Cross-functional international platform for scientific collaboration
    • Student research alongside top scientists and experts
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    Vibrant student life

    • Location in the heart of Europe ideal for exchanges and travels
    • 40+ student clubs and associations 
    • All types of sports for everyone
    • Welcome and cultural events throughout the year
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    Close link with business

    • 250+ partner companies
    • Relevant programs to meet the latest market demands
    • Student immersion into the business environment  
    • 80% of students employed before graduation
  • Erasmus Mundus joint master

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    What is GREENANO?

    • Program Focus: GREENANO is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master program dedicated to advancing Nanomaterials for Green and Digital Transitions.
    • Skill Development: GREENANO equips students with a unique skill set, encompassing nanotechnologies, materials science, industry expertise, sustainability assessment, and essential problem-solving skills.
    • Collaborating Institutions: The program is conducted by four esteemed European institutions:
    • Cultural Diversity: Students embark on a journey of diverse cultures as their studies take them across three countries: France, Italy, and Slovenia.
    • Scholarship Opportunities: Exceptional students from all around the world can secure monthly Erasmus Mundus scholarships for two years of studies.
  • Tech & Engineering Exchange Program

    mines nancy welcomes exchange students both from our partner institutions and free-moving applicants.

    our interdisciplinary Exchange program is a wonderful opportunity to broaden your international and professional horizons and get acquainted with French culture, the student environment, and new educational and working methods.

    • Fundamental and practical courses
    • Research or industrial internship
    • Individual curriculum built of courses from various scientific areas
    • Immersion into a new culture and academic environment
    • Collaboration with students, professors and researchers from around the world
    • Full access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources
    • Wide range of extracurricular activities and fun events
  • Research Internships

    Mines Nancy TechLab and associated international research laboratories offer international applicants

    research internships in the most advanced fields.   

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    Robotics, 3D

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    Materials Science, Nanosciences

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    Computer Science, Automation

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    Economics and Management

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    Geomodelling, Geosystems

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    Mechanics and Energy

  • Master of Science in Engineering - ingénieur Civil des Mines

    • The program trains innovative engineers and managers with a strong background in Science & Humanities, broad expert knowledge, and the ability to work in multicultural environments and tackle the complex challenges of today’s society.
    • The studies offer a strong focus on research and innovation and comprise hands-on industrial and research internships and international exchanges.    

    Big data & Data Science

    graduate program

    • The program offers an excellent opportunity for students looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the rapidly growing field of Data Science.
    • The curriculum provides a strong foundation in data analysis and mining, machine learning, and statistics. 
    • The program offers personalized mentorship to help students reach their full potential.

    french summer


    • An intensive summer program in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) is designed for students who are willing to level up their French proficiency for entering French-taught programs offered by Mines Nancy or another university.
    • The program also welcomes candidates seeking to improve their level of French
    • and get to know French culture, regardless of the university admission.

    International Students talk

  • Check out this video to hear about the study and life experience in Nancy shared by Charbel, our double-degree program student from Lebanon.


    Argyris Koudounas

    Imane Tafdiste

    Watch the video to know why Imane, the student from Morocco, came to Mines Nancy and what are her impressions of the school and the city.

    Anton Gladskyh

    an exchange student from Itmo University in russia speaks about his experience at the materials science department of mines nancy

    Aymane droussi

    an exchange student from Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco, sharing his summer internship experience at Mines Nancy Techl@b

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    Brazil, studies GEOLOGY & GEOSCIENCE


    My grade for Mines Nancy is 5 out of 5!

    I recommend international students to be patient and never get stressed if they do not understand everything about classes or French language during the first months.

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    Raphy KAMBOU

    Ivory Coast, studies Engineering

    People here are really kind and helpful. Never hesitate and reach out when you have a question or a concern, be it about an event or administrative problems.

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    Fatine RHANEM

    Morocco, studies Computer Science

    Mines Nancy helps students have broader opportunities in the professional and personal life. My recommendations to them would be to study very well and to be always prepared so that they don't lose confidence, and also to interact more with other students.

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    Yeti SORO

    Ivory Coast, studies ENERGY

    Mines Nancy offers the best training in Energy and Materials in France (according to national ranking) as well as a large international network and administrative support. And the University of Lorraine in a whole giveS even more opportunities.

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    My university in Colombia has agreements with many schools in France, so I chose Mines Nancy because I was really interested in its program - Ingénieur Civil des Mines.


    If I have to highlight something, it is the opportunities. The school gives you help if you need and also the school has many important enterprises as partners. the school's reputation is another important point. and finally, I like Nancy as a student city and its strategic position in the middle of Europe

  • International Students news

    Stay tuned for the latest updates on Mines Nancy's international students' news! Discover the exciting events, stories, and vibrant experiences of our diverse community, keeping you connected to the pulse of campus life.

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    Live Info Session 2023

    • Exchange programs
    • Double-degree options
    • Research internships
    • Summer school
    • Daily life tips from international students
    • Student Association activities

    Virtual Open Day 2022

    • Exchange studies and internships at Mines Nancy
    • Important administrative procedures: application, registration, accommodation etc.
    • Student life in Nancy
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    Step-by-Step Application Guide

    • How to apply to exchange semesters, internships, engineering and Master's programs
    • Which documents are required for each program
    • Application deadlines
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