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    Crous student residences


    Most of our international students decide to stay in one of CROUS Student Residences. This accommodation is the most affordable and there are many locations across the city.


    CROUS offers all-inclusive furnished rooms.

    Standard room: 9 m2, basic furniture; shared spaces: private bathroom with toilets, kitchen and study room.

    Comfort room: 9-15 m2, basic furniture; refrigerator, private bathroom with toilets; shared spaces: kitchen and study room.

    Studio: 13-18m2, basic furniture, refrigerator, small kitchen, private bathroom with toilets

    Prices: € 150-400 / month


    For more information, please visit the CROUS website.

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    Private apartment renting


    If you choose to rent privately, you’ll deal with the landlord for visiting and signing your rental agreement.
    Average prices:

    €450-600 / month + utility fees

    Flat-sharing (colocation)

    While sharing an apartment, be aware that the rental agreement includes the joint liability of ALL roommates. All names must be mentioned and all roommates must sign it.

    Average prices:

    € 200-400 / month + utility fees

  • general HOUSING rules


  • Dining

    If you're looking for affordable and convenient food options while studying in Nancy, there are various university cafeterias and dining halls available that are managed by CROUS. These facilities offer a range of snacks and light meals that are both healthy and low-priced. In addition to the cafeterias, there are also self-service grocery stores, food trucks, and a pizza truck that offer additional food options.

    To find more information about the various dining options available, including menus and other useful details, be sure to visit the CROUS website.

    To make paying for meals even easier, you can use the Izly phone app with your student ID card.

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    Have questions?
    Contact us:

    +33 (0)3 72 74 48 60