Mines Nancy French Summer School is Here!

Bonjour, everyone!

We have incredible news to share: Mines Nancy French Summer School has officially begun, and the first group of enthusiastic students has joined us! It's time to embark on a wonderful journey of learning French and having fun.

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At Mines Nancy, we believe that linguistic and cultural preparation is key to a successful academic adventure. That's why we've designed this intensive training program to help our international students get ready for their science and engineering studies in France.

Whether you're joining Mines Nancy or simply want to improve your French while experiencing life in France, this Summer School is perfect for you!

Let's takea quick look at what the Summer School offers:

  • Linguistic and cultural adaptation: we'll help students feel at home in France by
    providing support to adapt linguistically and culturally.
  • Preparation for engineering studies: ee'll equip students with the language skills needed to excel in their engineering courses at Mines Nancy.
  • Autonomy and responsibility: the Summer School empowers students to take charge of their studies and make the most of their time here.
  • Comprehensive resources: ee have a dedicated team of experienced teachers, study materials, and a digital platform to support students’ effective language learning in an immersive environment.
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Our students will have French classes in the mornings, focusing on communication skills. And in the afternoons, the Summer School will offer a rich cultural agenda that promises to make this experience unforgettable. Throughout the program, the students will have the opportunity to immerse in French culture and explore the vibrant city of Nancy.

We can't wait to welcome the rest of our international students!

Au revoir et à bientôt!