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Mines Nancy'sInternational Cuisines Party

The International Cuisines Party at MinesNancy, organized by the BDE and International Office on 31st May was an unforgettable event! Studens from Morocco, Indonesia, Russia, Lebanon, Algeria, China, South Korea, Tunisia, Colombia, and Côte d'Ivoire proudly showcased their gastronomic treasures.

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The event was a melting pot of cultures, with students from diverse cultures mingling and creating a vibrant atmosphere. A friendly culinary competition took placeamong the teams, setting the stage for an exciting showcase of flavors. Guests had the opportunity to savour the incredible dishes prepared by the talented teams.

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After careful consideration, the special prizewas awarded to the teams of Colombia and Morocco for their unique and memorable flavours. Meanwhile, the Grand Prize went to the team from Lebanon, whose skillfully crafted dish stole the show and won the hearts of all the guests.

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The event not only celebrated cuisines but alsofostered a sense of unity and cultural appreciation among the students. Thanks to all our remarkable students whose cooking skills made this event a resounding success.

See you at the next cultural party!